Art Olympia is an international public art exhibition whose aim is to uncover talented artists around the world and support their activities.
Last time, for Art Olympia 2015, there were 4,186 artworks entered from 52 countries.
Art Olympia 2017 also is accepting artwork entries from around the world which will be judged by international art experts.



Art Olympia revolves around the 3 core concepts of HUB, Excavation and Practice.

HUB…Development of a hub for cultural exchange among world artists

Most artists work in their home country. However, there may be some artists who will be evaluated more highly overseas than in their home country.

Art Olympia’s role is to service as a hub for artists, discover talented artists from around the world, and introduce them to a suitable forum.

Excavation…Discovery of talented artists that can succeed globally

Art Olympia accepts entries from all over the world and invites people involved in art from around the world to act as judges. Through the eyes of judges from various fields, we will discover artists who can succeed globally.

Practice…Creation of new art by world artists for the next generation

Our ultimate goal is “the creation of new art for the next generation by world artists”. It would be our greatest pleasure to see “Art Olympia” create the opportunity for artists to expand overseas and engage in cultural exchange, and lead to the creation of new art by artists for the next generation.

Five Features of Art Olympia

① Entries are accepted worldwide

Entries are accepted from Japan and 2 locations overseas. The top 80 works from Japan and the top 100 works from overseas, making a total of 180 works, will be entered for the final review in Tokyo.

② Judging by international art experts

Judges are invited from Japan, the United States, France and other countries for the final review. It will be an exclusive opportunity to have your work judged by a panel of international art experts.

③ Fair and transparent judging

At Art Olympia, a points system is used for judging.

④ Supporting young artists

To support young artists, the Student Category was created. Entrants who are students will simultaneously participate in both the Open and Student Categories.

⑤Providing opportunities

Art Olympia is held every two years. If you enter consecutive competitions, you can see how you’ve progressed over two years.

Entry Categories


In addition to the Open Category, Art Olympia has created the Student Category to support young artists.

Students will automatically participate in both the Open and Student Categories at the same time.

* For details >>>>“Applying”



Judging is fair and transparent
A points system is used to judge works, whose score is based on the total number of points received from all the judges.

Evaluation by international judges
At the final review, judging will be conducted by all the invited international art experts. This is an exclusive opportunity to have your work evaluated by art experts from around the world. We have aimed to realize an evaluation process which is international and diverse.

* For details >>>>“Judging and Awards”

Entry Rules and Regulations     >>>>HP



Organized by: Art Olympia Executive Committee

Co-organized by: Living National Treasure Museum      >>>>HP

Supported by: Toshima City     >>>>HP

Art Olympia Executive Committee Members


Nobuhiro Yamaguchi......Committee Head, Living National Treasure Museum Manager

Toyomi Hoshina......Tokyo University of the Arts Vice President

Satoru Kitago......Tokyo University of the Arts Professor

Katsuki Yokoyama......Joshibi University of Art and Design President

Akiko Endo......Musashino Art University Professor

Yoshiaki Yabe...... Living National Treasure Museum Director